About us

Psyllosoft sp. z o.o. company was founded by Petros Psyllos and by PhD Jerzy Sienkiewicz with the support of the Institute of Innovation and New Technologies of the Bialystok University of Technology – a leading university in Podlaskie Province in Poland. We have global experience and big knowledge in artificial intelligence, machine learning, electronics and biomedical engineering. We create multidisciplinary solutions that combine the world of science with business. The mission of our research is to extend the limits of the application of artificial intelligence in our lives and make it human friendly. Using AI we create solutions for people with disabilities. Startup gained support under the project of the PARP under the Operational Programme Eastern Poland 2014-2020 Sub-measure 1.1.1. „Platformy startowe dla nowych pomysłów”.

What we do?

We design solutions based on artificial intelligence, machine learning, image processing and signal processing. We are working on the application of technological solutions in medicine, health care and psychology. We are researching self-learning algorithms for general purpose.


Petros Psyllos
Petros Psyllos
CEO & Founder, Electronic & Software
Jerzy Sienkiewicz
Jerzy Sienkiewicz
Medical informatics & Statistics
Jan Gromko
Jan Gromko


Zwierzyniecka 10/1
15-333 Białystok

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